7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Choosing A Solar Company

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The solar industry is fuelling a revolutionary change in the energy sector. As more solar power firms emerge, awareness about the carbon footprint, solar as an investment, and a long-term reduction in power expenses is growing among people. However, with a deeper understanding, the concerns of homeowners also increase.

Homeowners make impulsive decisions about choosing a solar panel system and regret it later. They either go with hugely expensive solar panels since their solar company recommended them or end up with a low-cost panel system.

In this blog post, we will get into some points you wish you knew before choosing a solar company for your home.

Let us get started.

Doing the Right Research

We explore the internet and every YouTube video before purchasing a cell phone. Despite this, we fail to do our homework before investing in a house we will live in for a long time. We do not even check the key factors, like our energy use. You must gather all the relevant information before picking the best and latest installer who can give you the most reasonable pricing. Before going solar, always look for the following:

  • Technology your installer use
  • Measuring your energy consumption
  • Examining your roof
  • Finding the best installation location
  • Seeking incentives & rebates
  • Selecting a professional installer

There are also numerous solar savings calculators available online that help in determining the energy production from a certain roof area.


Knowing the Types


Many people are unaware that there are multiple solar panels on the market. And each one has its pros and cons. Knowing about them becomes necessary so that you do not wind up with the wrong one. There are four major classifications of solar panels:

  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline
  • Passivated Emitter & Rear Contact Cell (PERC)
  • Thin-film

Monocrystalline solar panels are expensive and have a better conversion efficiency. Polycrystalline solar panels are affordable because less silicon is lost in their production. PERC solar panels are more efficient than regular solar panels but have the highest cost amongst commercial solar panels. Thin-film solar panels are comparatively cheaper and best suited for big rooftops.


Ignoring the Incentives

Before installing solar panels on your rooftop, you must always check into government incentives and rebates. Local and national governments are now giving a boost to solar energy through incentives these days. There are various forms of incentives that solar panel purchasers can avail of.

  • Subsidies: Through which taxpayers can save a part of their investment and get refunded.
  • Net metering: Owners get the benefits where they receive credits for producing excess energy and can sell it to utility providers.

Usually, solar panel buyers do not consider these incentives and rebates that can provide relief and cut down their initial purchase cost.


Asking the Necessary Questions

You do not want to end up with a panel that is ineffective or non-functional. It is always recommended to “Check, double check, and recheck’” until you are confident that the expensive purchase you are about to make is justified. Many households are not 100% satisfied before switching to solar. They should ask uncomfortable but critical questions to the solar companies.

  • How much power will you need?
  • Can your roof sustain the solar panels?
  • Is your roof oriented the correct way?
  • Will you need any permits?
  • What technology will they employ?
  • What factors influence their pricing model?
  • What solar products will they use?
  • What does their solar panel contract provide?

Getting Multiple Quotes



Unless you have the appropriate information and a transparent pricing policy from the solar companies, getting the best price is extremely difficult. Before choosing a solar panel provider for yourself, it is always a good idea to look for the average cost of panels in your region. Obtaining data from government sites that solar companies contribute can be helpful. Reading reviews on solar companies and checking their brand reputation is also critical before finalizing the agreement.

Today, several companies assist homeowners in finding the finest bargains for their household power needs. They do all the legwork so you can get your solar panels at a far cheaper cost than the market average from the best solar panel installer.


Picking the Affordable Option



Getting the cheapest solar panel offer does not imply that you have selected the most suitable solar panel system for your house. The cheapest solar panels can save you money upfront. Still, it can become an expenditure, in the long run, owing to high maintenance costs, or you may eventually end up replacing your solar panel system due to its low efficiency.

The best price for you is always the one that provides high-quality panels which can last longer and meet all your power needs. But if you are still looking for an inexpensive solar panel, you should always inquire about the sealing material and its efficiency.


Solar Panel Warranties



Solar panel warranties protect against faulty or damaged solar panel installations. The warranties are a vital part of your solar panel purchase that helps keep the manufacturer accountable. The solar panel warranties typically cover you for 25-30 years.

There is also a warranty for the incorrect installation of solar panels or other related equipment. The manufacturer is responsible for fixing the defective parts or replacing the solar panels. Some warranties also cover the labor cost during replacement.

We covered seven crucial factors that any household thinking of turning to solar panels must consider before finding the right solar company for setup. With this information, you can avoid landing a poor pricing offer for yourself. You can then make a calculated decision rather than a hasty one. The only goal we have is to help homeowners make an informed choice before choosing a solar panel company.

If you need further assistance with solar companies and which is the right panel provider for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here, and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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